Hudson County’s version of a spa

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Frankie DePaula supposedly said “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” What he failed to mention was that for the well-heeled malefactor the local hoosegow was Hudson County’s version of a spa. For a price, all amenities were available. The boxer himself, while serving a sentence, spent the nights carousing at Union City clubs. In a Hudson County Cinderella story, DePaula had to return to the lockup before dawn. The day then was spent sleeping away any ill effects of the previous evening.

Those not able to afford a nightly let loose, at a somewhat reduced rate might still enjoy the company of the opposite sex. To all those inside looking out, the presence of women was made quite obvious by occasional laughter and other unmistakable vocalizations.

Harold “Kayo” Konigsberg’s canary song caused the curtain to fall on the shenanigans at the local jail. One observer commented that he never could understand why Konigsberg ratted out the warden, “’cause the man always was good to him.”

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