Sarge and Hope

Sarge and Hope were the couple of Union City’s Transfer Station. Hope of the shoulder-length raven black hair performed in the clubs. A very large boa constrictor was her dance partner.

Sarge, with his shaved-head and height of well over six feet, brought Darth Vader to Earth for a visit to Hudson County. A story told about him involved an armed robbery of a supermarket. Sarge was going from checkout to checkout demanding the contents of the cash registers. Suddenly, he realized that everyone’s attention was focused on the large front glass. Glancing in that direction, Sarge saw that someone was watching the robbery in progress by peeking through the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! and DOUBLE COUPONS! signs. Sarge pointed the weapon at the sidewalk superintendent and pulled the trigger. The gun jammed. But, the curious cat had a heart attack, dropping dead right then and there.

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