Brother to the Iceman

Though strictly an amateur, and no match for his brother Richard the Iceman in terms of sheer numbers, Joseph Kuklinski, ran away with the title for most vile.

In 1970, Joseph Kuklinski, then 25, stole the beloved dog of a local 12-year-old girl. Telling the youngster that he’d recovered her lost pet, Joseph tricked the child into following him to the roof of 438 Central Avenue. There, Joseph Kuklinski raped and murdered the girl. He then threw her body and the dog off of the roof. The dog survived the fall and by howling alerted the neighbors to the crime.

The police soon apprehended Joseph Kuklinski who quickly confessed. In the local jail, the guards encouraged burly inmates to brutalize the murderer. By the time of the start of the trial, Joseph Kuklinski had the appearance of a gaunt ghost.

Cat Lady Mary told a story of Joseph Kuklinski’s love interest at the time of the murder. She expressed shock and dismay when discussing the case as she’d “never held anything back from him.”

Joseph Kuklinski died in prison on September 22, 2003.

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  1. Sean Moore says:

    I would have to guess that the dose of local justice was dispatched to Mr “K” in the old Hudson County jail off of Newark Avenue? The old jail(it was ancient than) was such a bastion of both shame and pride that no other building could engender to real JC residents( same as our relationship with the late Mr Frank Hague ). The old jail was a blight but so needed trying to bring the wild side of JC into some control. If you could control JC it wouldn’t be an easy proposition. Great story enjoy your work. Thank You.



    • Lilyblu says:

      So sorry for your loss. It seems he not only got what he deserved in jail but now for the rest of eternity burning in hell.
      God bless your family.

    • Chris T says:

      I’m sorry for your loss, it must have been a horrible tragedy for your family.

    • teacups says:

      Really? John Dial, father of Pamela, died February 2004, five months after Joseph Kuklinski died in prison.

      • teacups says:

        Allow me to clarify – – did they really not know Kuklinski died in prison in September 2003 before Mr. Dial passed away February 2004? I would have hoped that a prison system would have notified the child’s family, so as to at least afford them some level of relief. It was a horrible thing to happen to this child and my condolences go to the family. It is a horrible, horrible thing that there is such evil in this world, especially visited upon an innocent child.

    • Jerry Quinn says:

      God bless you all. I used to sit behind Pam in many classes in Saint Anne’s school. I knew the color of her hair so well. Those, oh so sweet, bangs that she always wore. That little nervous tick she had, catching her breath and swallowing was endearing. Those amazingly thin wrists and forearms, she looked so sweet and delicate. YEAH, I had a huge crush!

      G. Quinn.

    • Sandra Parrillo says:

      I lived right across the street from the family and remember sweet little Pam well and her little dog she was always with. I was really good friends with her brother,John, and had been with both of them just hours before she was murdered. I woke up to police cars all outside my bedroom window and saw them take that monster away. I was only 20 years old at the time, but was changed forever after that night. I can only pray that that animal suffered in prison and may God bless the surviving family.

  3. Eugene Ramos says:

    Hope he is rotting in hell for his deeds here on earth. That poor 12 year old girl must have suffered.

    • Jerry Quinn says:

      I was a classmate of Pam’s. She was the sweetest most lovely, tiny little girl you ever could have known. Her passing is a deep sadness I’ve carried throughout my life.

  4. barb says:

    Boy that Kuklinski family bred some ill people. See what happens when kids are abused by their parents, they turn out bad. You can’t help but feel some sympathy for the way Richie and his brothers grew up. I know most of you out there don’t. When my husband was in Trenton State his friend, Bobby introduced him to Richie who seemed like an alright guy. The funny thing is that Richie really was the “Iceman” at TSP. He actually sold ice chips to inmates to make money inside for the ice coolers!
    He more than likely killed himself inside.

    • Leslie says:

      I feel for them. After watching the documentary, it seems like Ritchie might have been a really good guy if he had been raised differently. It’s sad all around.

    • Sam says:

      He was set to testify against the Gambino family, and suddenly mysteriously died. Who knows what happened. Foul play is suspected but not proven.

    • Zoe Pron says:

      Richie died of Kawasaki disease (an inflammation of the blood vessels) at St. Francis hospital in Trenton at age 70 on March 5, 2006.

      • Toddler says:

        Richie was taken down by the mob as he was about to testify against the Gambino’s a few days after his surmise.

  5. Alicia Rogers says:

    It is a shame that both parents hated them so and turned them into monsters. It would of saved this little girl and hundreds of people’s murders.

  6. Mr K says:

    Richie just killed low life mob guys, no loss there.

    • G. Quinn says:

      Read his info. Watch the video. He killed total strangers on the street just to test out the spray he used!

      • Benton Miller says:

        Tied cars together and threw them over clothesline (one of the first reported such cases) tied dogs to trains and murdered a bully when he was child. So some homework folks.

        • El chango says:

          He threw cars over the clothesline? Wow he mustve been really strong! And youre double the fool for believing everything he claimed in those interviews he died. Guy was lying about half of it.

  7. G. Quinn says:

    I sat behind Pamela in S.O.S. I had a little boy’s love affair, in my own mind, with the color of her hair, the way she smelled, that cute hair style she had, the way her hair curled under at the sides of her face, and that beautiful little voice.
    I walked around in shock for a couple of weeks after that. I still miss her. God called her home too early for a-lot of us.

  8. Jennifer levine says:

    Give me a break. I was abused by my parents and i am not evil. You make choices, live by the consequences.

    • Lilyblu says:

      I agree. Many of us had horrid childhoods and would never hurt anyone. It’s all about excuses these days. It’s either your childhood or mental illness that’s to blame never the person themselves.
      I hope you’ve found peace, its sometimes hard to attain when you’ve suffered so much.

      • Sam says:

        It’s different for everyone. Soldiers who see people killed in war suffer PTSD, and it carries over into their personal lives after they come home. Children are affected even worse than that, when they are beaten and abused. Some are abused much worse than others. You think you know something about this, but you don’t.

    • Karen Evangelista says:

      J LEVINE. Are you a 6 foot five 350lb male? Were your parents that horrendous that they murdered one of your brothers or sisters? Were you bullied by virtually everyone else you came across aswel?
      Is every form of cancer exactly the same in each person? No.
      I hope you know what I mean.

    • Benton Miller says:

      We’re you beaten with a broom handle until you passed out? Did your parents submerge your head under water? You probably got introduced to the back of your parents hand like the rest of us. The Kuklinski family was an everyday beating until they passed out from the pain. Grow up.

    • Shawn says:

      Amen! Us kids who were abused do not need urn out to o be a male. There is one thing missing in their ridiculous statement. This lowlife chose his crimes and committed them

  9. Kodges, Rebecca A. says:

    There are more children being raised like that here and now. How do you find them to try and change the outcome?? Our society offers nothing for our greatest assets, our children. And by the time the guns are in their hands, and they head out to the local high school, its too late.

  10. Helmut Gensen says:

    Whatever happened o that poor dog?

  11. MINKY says:

    I too was abused and treated badly by father, but I did not hold everything in so that I lashed out to others. I had to keep telling myself it was not my fault the way I was treated and try to make myself into the best person I could be . So not all abused persons want PAYBACK for things they had no control over. I do agree I have issues where at times I would like to lash out , but I know I do not want to prove my father right that I caused him to punish me.. Abused people may try to bury the past put its always floating around inside , you just have to tell yourself if you act on any type of behavior against others take hour have to take responsibility for it and not blame it on past actions of a disturbed person…

  12. Kathleen says:

    I remembered when my friend, Lou-Ann told me the story about Pam. Her brothers were friends of the Ferone family. I was shocked and have never forgotten this story. Though Pam never got to live her full life, I hope her brothers and parents found some comfort and peace over the years, if that is at all possible.

  13. John pepe says:

    I live in California it’s 2020 I just started to remember this event are used to live on Baker Street a couple houses away from the Dale family I live in California it’s 2020 I just started to remember this event are used to live on Baker Street a couple houses away from the Dale familyI have memories of this guy Joel he used to play with all the kids in the neighborhood and I must’ve been eight years old I remember he used to bring other little kids from other neighborhoods for me to fight with and him and his friends would bet money on who would win I had no idea it was the Iceman’s brother what a trip

  14. tim says:

    very sad story, cant get that out of my mind…is there a picture of pamela anywhere to find?

  15. Steve Webber says:

    It’s a tragedy it’s the only way to describe it. There is a question though that everyone seems to overlook. Without wanting to make the young girls rape and murder anything less than awful, i need to know, What happened to the poor defenceless dog in all of this. I understand he/she survived the initial fall and by the sounds of it was in great pain poor thing but was it taken to a vet as a matter of urgency for treatment or did it die from its injuries in situ or was it put down? I know a lot of people are going to lambast me for asking this question but a life is a life and to think the poor dog suffered is causing me quite some upset. Anybody with an answer, please divulge. Thanks

    • Matt says:

      From what I read…. Pamela’s dog, Lady, had a broken arm or leg from the fall or as some articles describe “paw”… with this info I imagine the dog survived as this generally would not be life threatening.

    • Amy2 says:

      The article says the dog survived and it’s barking alerted neighbors.

  16. carlothegreek says:

    My condolences to the family for such a tragic and horrific loss- to boot to someone widely renown for being so angelically sweet.

    From bits and pieces here and there- the monster had his anus surgically repaired 5 times; he was permanently passed around as others’ wife. He stopped showering altogether, and when periodically forced to would only do it fully clothed. All his teeth rotted and fell out. His brother ignored him (detested his crime). His food was habitually contaminated. He deteriorated into talking with himself constantly. Would talk at length and in detail about his crime to whoever brought it up- prisoner or guard.

  17. Matt B says:

    Such an unfathomable crime and one that has stayed with me from just reading about it. She sounds like a little angel. I wish there was more about Pamela and less about the evil that took her

  18. Dario says:

    Richie had a severe mental illness. He would be a true psychopath. A lot of people do not understand sociopath/psychopath, but a true psychopath is much more rare. He was unable to process feelings and remorse. I honestly feel sad for him too as he probably felt like a misfit in society his entire life. Interestingly enough, many of the mob hit men also have this mental illness, or at the very least a sociopath. What he did was not good, but you can understand more of the …why when you look at this as a sick man. Hope he repented for his sins before meeting his maker. God be with the families who’ve suffered.

  19. Nancy Figueroa says:

    I wonder if anyone knew where in Jersey City Joseph Kuklinski lived. I know that there was another child murdered in 1964 in JC and they never found her murderer. The death was reported as this in 1964 in the NYT by the following reporter: The body of a 10‐year‐old girl who had been missing from her home since Monday was found in a cellar today by detectives making a house‐tohouse search for her.

    The police said the girl, Deborah Coleman of 507 Grove Street, apparently had been murdered. There were multiple bruises on her head, but the cause of death was not immediately determined.

    A police medical examiner said the child had been dead about two days. She was found at 2 P.M. in the cellar at 182 Pavonia Avenue.
    This child is a family member of my daughter in law (her mother’s sister) and the family never had any disclosure as to who committed that crime.

    • G. Quinn says:

      Juvenile delinquency complaints in the Hudson County Juvenile Court charged that the appellants, Thomas Stasilowicz age 15 and Jose Angel Carlo age 13, caused the death of Deborah Coleman age 10 on June 30, 1964, by committing an attack upon her.

      • Mae says:

        The rulings against those kids were reversed on appeal on grounds that they made false statements under duress based on treatment by JC Police. Police, in fact, violated multiple statutes in holding and questioning suspects. They were 15 and 13 yrs old – neither of their statements matched up and their timelines conflicted with witness sightings of the victim. I doubt they were retried – don’t see evidence of it, and also don’t see investigation further pursued. Appellate decision is interesting as it affirms juvenile rights during questioning:

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