Urban Times News: Earl the Hat Morgan is supporting Acting Mayor L. Harvey Smith

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Urban Times News
October 1, 2004 – October 7, 2004

According to the Jersey Journal editorial staff, the newspaper does not take a political position. Of course that is the furthest thing from the truth. Earl the Hat Morgan is supporting Acting Mayor L. Harvey Smith because he is allowed to sit in the meetings and give advice with Catfish Jones and Ed Cheat Cheatum. For example, he agreed with these two airheads about firing Willie Flood and then taking her back pay. The newspaper should be upfront about Earl the Hat and stop him now. Why not tell the truth Uncle Harvey? The Urban Times News has several New Jersey newspapers as well as the New York Times calling to find out why we refer to Acting Mayor L. Harvey Smith as “Uncle Harvey”. We want to clear the record once and for all.

When Glenn D. Cunningham resigned as the U.S. Marshall for New Jersey to run for the office of mayor of Jersey City, L. Harvey Smith was upset because he believed that he should have been asked to run and become the first African American mayor of Jersey City. The supporters of Glenn Cunningham knew that Smith did not have the qualities to be mayor, and from that point on, Smith was upset. When Smith decided to run for reelection as Councilman -atLarge, no one would put him on their ticket, mainly Council President at the time, Tom DeGise. DeGise told Smith there was no room on his ticket for him. Lou Manzo, who was also running for mayor in 2001, said he wouldn’t even talk to Smith because of Smith’s loyalty to
Republican Mayor Brett Schindler. Smith had nobody to call but Glenn Cunningham, so he called Cunningham who was reluctant to put him on the ticket.

Smith already had a reputation as a double-crosser. Smith had the Reverend Ralph Brower call Cunningham and Joe Cardwell to support him getting on the ticket. Cunningham finally said okay. During the campaign, the ungrateful Smith never showed up for meetings or walked with campaigners among the voters. After Cunningham won the election, Smith wanted to become Council President, but former Mayor Brett Schindler and the City Council of Tom DeGise and William Gaughan would never support Smith. They would not support Smith for Council President even though he had been Councilman-at-large for eight years. Again Glenn Cunningham against his better judgment made Smith Council President. As soon as he became Council President, DeGise and Gaughan told him that he should be the mayor not Cunningham. Smith immediately turned against the Cunningham administration.

L. Harvey voted against every important item the administration recommended. He even voted against the Rev. Ralph Brower’s appointment to the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency. When State Senator Joe Charles decided to become a Superior Court Judge, DeGise and Gaughan told Smith they wanted him to run him against the first African American Mayor of Jersey City for State Senator. Smith was happy to be supported by the Hudson County Democratic Organization led by Tom DeGise and William Gaughan. Cunningham won the State Senate race with a devastating 9-1 margin of victory. Since his election to the City Council and Council President on the Cunningham ticket, Smith has always been an Uncle Tom for Tom DeGise and Bill Gaughan. When Glenn Cunningham died from a massive heart attack, DeGise did it to Smith again. Now they support Jerry Healy for mayor over their boy, their own personal Uncle Tom, L, Harvey Smith. When these two scoundrels threw Smith under the bus and supported Healy, Smith spoke before the Ministerial Alliance, stating that DeGise and Gaughan were racist. Now he see: they’re racist. Smith, they were always racist. You just couldn’t see it because your head was down, carrying water for these two, That is why we call you Uncle Harvey. Next we tell everybody why his widow barred you from Glenn Cunningham’s funeral.

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