Rear view mirror: The William Macchi vs. Robert Janiszewski race for County Executive

One jackanape who thought that history was being made actually kept a diary!
– – –
. . .
Wednesday 9/26/95
Dead, Dead, Dead. There was hardly any work here today. It did start to pick up around 4:00. Figures. Anyway, I worked more with Bill Macchi. I also did some letters for Bill. Until tomorrow.

. . .
Friday 9/28/95
The barbecue was great. I came up for lunch. I was working all day on Bill Macchi’s campaign. It seems that I am looked upon as a political junkie, I vehemently hate that title, and it is simply not me.

Friday 10/20/95
. . . I also created the college kids for Macchi flyer. I will distribute these along the corridors at St. Peter’s College. Maybe I could get more support with the kids, if I throw a party with acholic (sic) beverages. Who knows? I was granted the money now lets see about people.

. . .
Wednesday 10/25/95
Today was quiet except for the Democratic incumbent bashing Macchi for betrayal of the Democratic Party. I must say, even though I support Macchi and help him with some votes, this campaign is rather dirty. I cannot believe that each one is running an immature campaign. This is not the Macchi I know. I guess political turmoil could change one’s outlook on them.

. . .

Monday 10/30/95
Today I started to work on my project some more which is scheduled for this Thursday. I hope I get a good turnout. The mayor just came to me and told me that Bill Macchi and he will be stopping by. Oh great… added pressure.

Tuesday 10/31/95
Happy Halloween

Wednesday 11/1/95
Today was rather eventful. I did a lot of last minute preparations for tomorrow nights big event that I am holding. Hopefully it will be a big event. I called all the colleges and faxed them material. I also made some phone calls so that I do not look like a pompous ass.

Thursday 11/2/95
O.K. here we go. I did some more running around. Went up to the Macchi headquarters and picked up some signs and did a lot of final contacting. I hope I will have a great turnout. I plan to.

Friday 11/3/95
. . . The turnout was pretty good. I mean not everybody came for a long time till the end around 11 o’clock. However, Bill Macchi was happy and so was I. . . .

Monday 11/6/95
T – 1day. The office is going crazy. I tried to get everything done that I had to do for the campaign, but everyone seems to have their own agenda. Good Luck Bill!

Tuesday 11/7/95
Off Election Day…

Wednesday 11/8/95
We got demolished, annilated (sic), creamed. I can’t believe it. Bill’s own district didn’t even vote for him. What the hell happened? Today I did some clipping of the election and I wrote a letter to the Weehawken Reporter. Fun! . . . I finished up some extra homework I had as I played secretary. Very quiet day here in Jersey City. Everyone seems depressed.

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