Lyle Stuart, publisher of controversial books, located in Secaucus

Lyle Stuart, located in Secaucus, was the publisher of controversial titles, including Naked Came the Stranger, The Anarchists Cookbook, Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile, — and Jersey City Mayor Thomas Smith’s The Powerticians.
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Side 1 of FTR 152 is the story of the frustration of the publication of Manning’s Bormann book. When Manning was finally able to get Lyle Stuart, Inc. to publish the book, Lyle Stuart had both of his legs broken the week the book was published. FTR 125 is a spontaneous interview with Paul’s son Peter, conducted after Peter called Mr. Emory’s show. FTR 155 consists of the last published work that Paul did. Both FTR 283, and Side 1 of FTR 152 discuss Mr. Manning’s riveting professional dialogue with the Bormann group, through professional intermediaries.) Eventually, Paul’s son Gerry was murdered in retribution for the Bormann research, and as a warning against publishing a followup volume In Search of Martin Bormann. The “target selection” by the Bormann group for its retribution may well have been determined by the dedication of Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile.
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Dave Emory on Lyle Stuart and the publication of Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile.

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