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One man, one vote by David Friedland

by By David Friedland My father told me that in all the years he served as an Assemblyman he was not able , not once, to get any of the Bills he sponsored released from committee , much less voted … Continue reading

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Indictment doesn’t stop Musto from election win

by In April of 1981, a grand jury indicted Union City Mayor and State Senator William Musto on 36 counts of racketeering, extortion and fraud. He was convicted on March 26, 1982. On May 10, 1982, Musto was sentenced to … Continue reading

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The beginning of the federal case against Bill Musto

by During the dazed and confused ’70s, Saint Peter’s Prep high school was the rule proving exception. Most of the students were quiet and serious. Here and there, a few who thought of themselves as rowdy might go as far … Continue reading

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ANYTHING in Union City gotta go by Bill Musto first.

by Back in the late ’60s, there was a dispute in my family over a small inheritance. Out of spite, one in-law — a construction worker — took a number of items of sentimental value from the home of the … Continue reading

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