Roosevelt Stadium rock concert riots

Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City
During the seventies, riots broke out at a number of Rock concerts held at Jersey City’s Roosevelt Stadium. Disturbances at an Alice Cooper concert caused many injuries and property damage. At an Eric Clapton show, the guitarist appeared on stage under the influence of narcotics and was unable to perform. The disappointment made the audience extremely unruly. Outside of a Kiss concert, a youth gang brutally assaulted a Heights resident.

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4 Responses to Roosevelt Stadium rock concert riots

  1. BoogyWitSuitcase says:

    I was at the Eric Clapton concert. Eric was not “under the influence of narcotics.” He was extremely drunk though. The highlight of the show was when Freddie King came out to play on “Have You Ever Loved A Woman?”
    During the show, some “fan” lit off fire crackers near the stage. This freaked out Clapton and the show ended shortly after this.
    Yes. There was a riot. I saw a phone booth knocked over Police in riot
    gear where in the parking lot.

  2. Paul LaRocca says:

    I was there too first Tiny Tim came out and played people started throwing things at him thank Clapton came out really mad then the fireworks went off and he got really mad then he played a couple of songs took a break came out Freddie King Have You Ever Loved a Woman was a great song then he took another break and came out and said I’ll see you people in about 10 years that’s when the riot started everybody was throwing everything on the ground at this stage the Roadies were getting bombed with watermelons and tomatoes and anything on the ground Eric Clapton was my idol and I was really depressed when I saw that concert but then he came back and did a concert at the Nassau Coliseum whatever Santana and it was the best I ever saw Eric you redeem yourself love you baby

  3. Scott Aussem says:

    I was there up front by the stage Clapton left very early the roadies came out to break down the equipment the crowd was upset and the people in the outfield started throwing bottles at the stage a lot of it fell on the crowd in the front the stuff that landed on the stage was thrown back into the crowd by the roadies very disappointed we made our way out thru a very disgruntled crowd I saw a lot of concerts here pink Floyd or in today’s vernacular rose gold Floyd, the dead Allman bros a lot of great memories

  4. Ted says:

    Yes we were at the show (in the back) but never realized what caused EC to leave early. When was that? I want to make some tshirts for all my buddys who were there…tks

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