The Bayonne Organized Crime Capo and the precocious young teen

Around forty years ago, a Hudson County female talent started her liberated career as a precocious young teen – with a Bayonne Organized Crime Capo as an enthusiastic mentor.

A group of gung ho detectives were eager to address this “situation.” After staking out a likely local motel, one evening they saw the Cosa Nostra figure checking in accompanied by this young lady. The lawmen broke down the door. With corpus delicti very obviously observed, the Mafia figure was arrested.

The police thought that they had made a significant collar. A conviction for statutory rape involved substantial jail time. Plus, with this unsavory rap, there was every reason to believe that the Crime Boss, losing respect amongst his peers, would see his influence – and consequently the ability to wreak havoc – diminish.

Years later, the woman who had played the starlet in this little drama related the rest of the story:

”Court started and the judge taking one look at me said, ‘Case dismissed.’

“The prosecutor jumped up, “But your Honor . . .’

“The judge repeated firmly, ‘Case dismissed.’

”The prosecutor, obviously confused and upset, ‘But your Honor, If I might just say. . .’

”The judge then yelled, ‘Didn’t you hear what I just said? CASE DISMISSED!’ Pointing a finger directly at the prosecutor, “If you say one more word, I’m having you arrested for contempt of court!’

“And then we’s-all walked out laughing.”

The person hearing the tale required clarification on one point:

”But, Julie, you said that the judge threw out the case after taking one look at you. Don’t you mean that he saw the Mafia Boss and realized what a big shot he was and everything?”

“Nah, the judge took one look at me and nearly keeled over. I WAS SCREWING HIM, TOO!”

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