Konigsberg, the Congressman and the corpse

Harold Konigsberg struggles in the grip of a detective.
Konigsberg struggles in the grip of a detective.

A regular customer in my father’s tavern was a friend of Harold “Kayo” Konigsberg. The bar patron related how he was the one who actually removed the body from Congressman Gallagher’s house. The Congressman had requested assistance from Konigsberg. Kayo, though nervy in most ways, was frightened at the thought of carrying a body out of the home of a prominent Bayonne resident with all the nice little old ladies up and down the block watching from behind the blinds. So, Kayo called for help. The guy, who we shall call Hal, after a little negotiating (Very one-sided, given the circumstances, the Congressman and Konigsberg simply promised Hal whatever he wanted.) just wrapped the body up in a rug, heaved it over his shoulder, and hauled it out the door to his car.

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