Notable Hudson County doctors

As might be expected, Hudson County has produced some extraordinary physicians:

  • A Union City doctor went to jail for performing abortions. After Roe v. Wade, the governor pardoned the doctor. Having developed a taste for adventure, the doc wound up back in prison for selling machine guns. An ex-inmate reported that this doctor essentially continued to practice on the inside.
  • Around forty years ago, a Downtown Jersey City doctor and nurse were murdered and the bodies brutally mutilated. The bizarre crime was hushed up and remains unsolved. In 2006, when Jaime Vazquez confronted hate-monger Hal Turner, I was surprised to see the slayings discussed on a Neo-Nazi Web Site. In the best tradition of the Big Lie, the post pointed out that the homicide took place in Downtown Jersey City and that Jaime Vazquez was a Councilman for that area — as if this somehow tied him to the incident. The message failed to explain that at the time of the crime Jaime was either serving with the Marines in Viet Nam or recently returned home — after receiving a Purple Heart. But, how did the White Supremacist know about something from so far back in the past? Was the author somehow connected to the Jersey City police? Or to the murderer?
  • A local doctor loved deep sea fishing. Sharks were his specialty. He ended up getting eaten by a shark.
  • Dr. X was arrested for using curare to murder patients. As the method employed to detect the drug in the exhumed cadavers was inadmissible in court, the charges were dropped.
  • One doctor was a drunkard. Figuring that the dead were beyond harm, the local medical establishment offered their tipsy colleague a deal — take a job as coroner. He even managed to screw this up, declaring a gunshot victim a death by heart attack.
  • A North Hudson physician developed a controversial cancer “treatment” consisting of injections of a cocaine-like substance. One patient admitted that he really didn’t think that his health was improving, but his attitude was much better after a shot.
  • A Jersey City resident was one of the medical students that Reagan sent the Marines to rescue in Grenada.
  • A Jersey City physician, as a contractor to drug companies, claimed to be performing large-scale clinical trials. The office, apartment and “research facility” all were in a two-family walk-up on Kennedy Boulevard. The data turned out to be a lot softer than the invoices.
  • Newspaper reports described Jersey City doctor Magdy Elamir as a financier to Osama Bin Laden.
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