Congressman Barney Franks remembers Kayo Konigsberg.

“We loved the fact that he was one of us. I mean, here’s a guy who had—you know, he wasn’t just an accountant like Meyer Lansky. I remember teasing one of your father’s cousins about him. She’d get upset, but most of the Jewish kids I knew were sort of worshipful of Kayo.“
Congressman Barney Frank (born and raised in Bayonne) on Harold Konigsberg
Blood Relation

Harold Konigsberg (AKA “Kayo” and “Heshey”) was a sadist and a serial killer. Harold Konigsberg worked for La Cosa Nostra and then, becoming a Federal informant, turned on the Mob.

A few choice bits of local lore concerning Harold Konigsberg:

  • During the commission of an armed robbery, Harold Konigsberg forced a female office worker to remove her blouse so that he could view her breasts.
  • Before killing one of his victims, Harold Konigsberg emasculated the man by grabbing his scrotum and then pulling it away from the body.
  • When an attractive young man was incarcerated, Harold Konigserg told the new inmate, “Tonight, you’re gonna be my wife.” Before the homosexual rape could occur, the young inmate committed suicide. After that, all the Mobsters and their associates refused to have anything more to do with Konigsberg.

I hope that Congressman Franks rethinks his comments.

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