Hudson County Tourism

Ah! Summers in Bayonne, Winter get-aways to Harrison, weekends hiking amongst the warehouses of South Kearny, taking the family’s picture in front of those man-made marvels, the turf-topped garbage mounds of Kearny . . . Dig for Hoffa in the scrap yards along the Hackie . . . Enjoy exciting hours listening to scanner radio as the Jersey City Police raid drug dens off of the Milky Way . . . Mingle with the locals by the fountain at Journal Square . . . Indulge yourself with fine dining (Sabretts, Blimpies, hamburgers, fried chicken, Chinese take-out and donuts). . . Enjoy the bargains of Central Avenue’s wide variety of 99 cent stores . . . And while in the Heights take Tommy’s Tour of Historic Sites of Jersey City and Union City: the Bleeker Street Tavern, just down the block on Central Avenue where the Ice Man’s brother committed rape and murder, Hope and Eddy Sarge’s house, “Cat Lady” Mary’s Place, the empty lot where Butch’s body was found, the 560 Teamster Hq. from which Tony Pro ruled (in co-dominion with Bill Musto) and the rest of the Transfer Station . . . See the location of the Jersey City Teamster Local mentioned in Jonathan Kwitny’s Vicious Circles (CONGRESSMAN ROTHMAN’S OFFICE IS THERE NOW!) . . . Take in the empty reservoir just across the street (if you’re lucky, you might spot a water main break — or even a dumped corpse!) . . . Visit Hague’s grave.

Maybe because instead of watching the shop, you frittered away the time in Paris, FLA, and Deal, you deserve to spend eternity here!

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