Illegal for women to drink in Jersey City saloons

In Jersey City, Prohibition continued up through the late ’60s — at least for women who wished to drink in a local saloon. It was illegal for people of the female persuasion to imbibe in Jersey City bars. The law was enforced by the beat cops. If a wife was accompanied by her husband, the rules were relaxed with a wink. The man could have two drinks in front of him. His spouse’s place at the bar had to display a prop bottle of soda pop.

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  1. Georgia Atkins says:

    It was legal for women to drink in the bars in Bayonne though.
    It was just illegal for them to sit at the bar. They had to sit at a table or in a booth.

    I was Raised in the Rialto Bar on E 22St Bayonne. My Father and Mother owned it.
    Oh yeah Joe Zicarelli was my Godfather.. He kept john digilio from murdering me back in the 80’s.

    digilio was a mad dog. That’s why he got a bullet in the back of the head.

    Joe Zicarelli had nothing to do with it.

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