Steven Fulop reviews Hudson County Facts

Below is the review that Steven Fulop gave my local folklore, Hudson County Facts. Though the booklet is sold on Amazon, you can read everything — plus lots more — at the Web Site.
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An absolute great read! February 7, 2006
By Steven Fulop
I found myself constantly in disbelief that these cast of characters could actually exist even though each story is 100% true. This is a real quick and easy read that captures the reader with quick facts and stories from Hudson County’s colorful past from the first page. A great read and I’m looking forward to Anthony writing a sequel!

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After I sent a copy to then Councilman Fulop, he emailed to relate that he’d received the envelope — without the booklet. He’d seen the sealed packet, so someone at City Hall was following the advice that I’d often heard as a child: “God helps those who help themselves.” Steve offered to pay for a replacement. As prestidigitation is the highest form of compliment in Jersey City, I just sent another.

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