Back in ’98, Jersey City City Hall didn’t have Internet email.


I worked in Jersey City City Hall from 1998 to 2001. I was going through some papers yesterday and came across this business card.

Do note the Hotmail address. When I established the COJC municipal Web Site, the City had internal email, but not Internet email. As a quick fix so that the Web Site might provide two-way communication, I proposed the Hotmail email address. I accessed it and so was briefly the sole point of contact for outside email. My directions from the then Business Administrator Rob Lombard was to review each message as quickly as possible. If it was something that I could handle, I did so. Everything else I was to print out and then get to the appropriate department. For the hardcopy stuff, I’d make a judgement call on how serious it was. Important items would get walked right to the Mayor’s Office, the Law Department, the City Clerk or to the Mayor’s Action Bureau. Things not time-sensitive went out by inter-office mail.

I did get questioned by the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Tom Gallagher, on how I handled one email. Someone in the office got a call from an individual very upset about not getting a reply to his message. I told Tom that the email was from someone claiming that the police were using radio waves to transmit messages directly into the person in question’s brain. If the mayor ordered the JCPD to stop these radio signals, the victim would in gratitude provide the formula for limitless energy that he’d devised. I explained to Tom that I was unable to figure out which Department was relevant.

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