2012 Emails from Michael Galdieri

Here are some emails that I received from Michael Galdieri in 2012:

If you are asking who  I think wrote ‘we the people” letter.  I think it might have been Jack Hill.  I remember telling him when they first grabbed me out side my apt, that what ever you find up there belongs to me.   The 3 people inside my apt were 3 friends.  One in medical school, another just off probation and another an older gentleman just helping me out.  Jack Hill said to me at the time, you dont have to take the heat for what;s not yours, and what I was doing was ‘stand up” and they should thank you for it.

As far as election records and SS#, I will say probably not, but I will look through my records.  I dont want to say yes and be unable to provide any documents.
On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 2:30 PM, Anthony Olszewski wrote:
The arrest was after 1996?  Can you supply copies of the election reports with the names and SS#s?  Who do you think wrote the letter?
Anthony Olszewski
# # #


I was arrested on April 21, 2005, my first attorney had information I assumed he would act on, but he did not.  My second attorney talked me into accepting the plea, he assured me I would receive probation.  A week before my first scheduled sentencing February 23, 2007 I received a call from pre sentencing to do an interview for a presentencing report.  This interview conducted by phone was cut short when the caller said ” you are not a career criminal, will you come to the courthouse?”  When I arrived at the court house I showed the person the paperwork my second attorney gave me.  It was at that moment I learned I did not have all of the paperwork and what my attorney told me was not in fact true.  I would not be getting probation!  I told the person if thats the case then I plan on withdrawing my plea.  I then asked were any motions filed on my behalf.  To my surprise and disgust the only motion filed was a motion filed by the prosecution to revoke my bail the day after my sentencing!.    

Once again I was misled by my attorney,   Misled so much so that when I went to his office that day and confronted him about not filing motions and misleading me, he gave me back $6,500.00 of the money I paid him.  This of course was accompanied by a letter he hand wrote stating this did not amount to malpractice.

I scrambled to obtain another attorney.  I went to my sentencing the next week without an attorney.  My second attorney did not show up.  I told judge Callahan I wanted to withdraw my plea and should have an attorney asap.

My 3rd attorney told me how my 2nd attorney pled me to a second degree charge without ever requesting a true weight of the substance and how it was only 2nd degree by 2.16 grams.  He decided to base my guilty plea withdrawal on that fact.   At first I said no way.  I dont even do coke.  I wanted to base my withdrawal on ineffective assistance of counsel.  He said his way was easier.  He said you would ‘ve done 2 grams right Michael.  I followed my attorney’s lead.  

You might think it was foolish to trust an attorney, but you probably didn’t know my father.  My father was not your typical attorney.  My father was a straight shooter who would never mislead a client.  He explored every angle for his clients.  For 30+ years I watched him work that way.  I never in a million years would’ve thought my lawyer would not do everything he could for me.  I found out my father was one in a million.  

That’s how I resolve what I said when appealing to withdraw my guilty plea.  This was not stated at the time I accepted the plea.  The plea was orchestrated by my second attorney and the prosecution.

I trusted 3 attorney’s that did the least amount of work as possible.  3 attorney’s who did NOT represent me to the best of their abilities.  

I’ll end this email with this.  3 weeks before my arrest I spoke at a debate at the Lowes Theatre.  I stated that I along with the MUA Director uncovered a scam where a systematic diversion of Jersey City’s water had been ongoing.  I said i would have a press conference in 2 weeks to name the town(s) and the elected officials who set this scam up.  
On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Anthony Olszewski wrote:
 People expressing opinions at GETNJ is not the only thing delivered by Google:
He also claimed, despite his admission at the time of the plea, that he intended to use some of the 16.16 grams himself and to distribute only a portion of the cocaine that weighed less than the amount required for conviction of a crime of the second degree.”
# # #
How does one resolve the above with this?
My drug issue stemmed from an accident after which I was prescribed pain killers that unfortunately took on a life of its own and became an issue.  However, my medical records will reflect along with countless drug tests that I have not used since January 26, 1996.”
# # #
On 10/27/12, Michael Noone wrote:
(1) From Author “Press Release”
“The true culprits of the crimes alleged were the persons who happened to be visiting Michael Galdieri at the time   of the raid on his home”   
The only facts contained in the post titled “Press Release” is: 
I was a candidate for council.  
I was an aide to Lou Manzo.
The rest of the post is all conjecture on the part of the poster

(2) “JC Insider”
” taking election money for challengers and never paying them, submittting false names of people who worked, his has numerous alco*** and Dru*** issues , among other issues,”
Anyone who contributed to an election and had their name submitted by me to be paid, was paid.  I never submitted a false name and had a check issued.  Every individual who submitted their SS# was issued a check in total compliance with NJ Election Laws.  I’ve never had a problem with alcohol.  My drug issue stemmed from an accident after which I was prescribed pain killers that unfortunately took on a life of its own and became an issue.  However, my medical records will reflect along with countless drug tests that I have not used since January 26, 1996.   

(3) “Guest”

The only person who wrote this letter was mike himself.Go to Rehab mike and get some f____ sleep.

I did not write the letter.

(4) “Endorsement”
I’ve never owned soap on a rope, never saw it as a viable alternative to a bar of soap.  Plus I’m told soap on a rope is a republican thing.

(5) “Election Worker”

“you can begin with the schundler elections, manzo ‘s , lipski ‘ etc mike we the real challengers know what went on,”
I did not have anything to do with anyone getting paid in a Schundler Election.  Manzo election I was not the point person to pay anyone.  Every challenger election worker that legitimately worked and had their name submitted along with their SS# was paid.  There was not one worker not paid.

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 1:18 PM, Anthony Olszewski wrote:
What part  is true and what is false?
Anthony Olszewski
On 10/27/12, Michael Noone wrote:
Hi Anthony,

I’ve recently noticed that a series of posts about me have all of a sudden shown as results I’m assuming when one searches my name.  In particularly is the series from the URL listed below.  A majority of what is posted as facts are not facts at all.  The posts from whomever wrote the one about the prosecutor despite much being factual its still conjecture on the part of the poster.  Each subsequent post contains more of the same as well as out right lies.  I would be most appreciative if the posts were deleted.


Thank you,

Michael Galdieri

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  1. Michael Galdieri was murdered in 2014, The crime remains unsolved.

    Man found in Jersey City fire was stabbed to death first: authorities

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