Jimmy Kelly’s Jersey City Baby 45 record

Jersey City Baby

Jersey City Cha Cha Twist

– – –

Bob Brainen

to me
From: Anthony Olszewski
Is any information available about Jimmy Kelly and the Jersey City reference?

I searched and searched but could find no info. whatsoever on either the artists or
even the label: Cevetone.
Both sides are credited to “Buchowski” and the artist is Jimmy Kelly.
I’m assuming Kelly was “Buchowski” and hence, Polish.
The “drumming” and the vocal and guitar are certainly not synched up.

The drumming on the flip is much more professional sounding.
Obviously it’s the same song as a mostly instrumental.

The “Twist” in the title dates it for me as 61-ish. Again, all guesses.

Here’s another Cevetone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6fCb5AWYI8

The logo is different than the one on the Kelly label.
There’s a real amateurish quality to both records that I love,
but so many records of the late 50s/early 60s had this quality.

I attached both sides. Enjoy!

In the early days of radio, station WAAT was located in Jersey City.
Frank Sinatra’s first stint as a radio singer was on this local station
in late 1936. I always wondered how much live music and local talent
was broadcast from WAAT.

Interesting. I’m not sure, but JC is a big town and a lot of talent came out of here:
Roy Hamilton, Gil Melle,
Here’s more: http://www.imdb.com/search/name?birth_place=Jersey+City%2C+New+Jersey%2C+USA&
includes Nancy Sinatra.

Best, Bob

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