Mayor Frank Hague’s New Year’s Day

Mayor Frank Hague's New Year's Day early morning reception -- January 1, 1947, the last year of Hague's rule

This photo dates from January 1, 1947 – the last year of Hague’s rule.

Mayor Frank Hague (right), a teetotaler, held an early morning reception on New Year’s Day.

His followers had the choice of imbibing moderately the night before or suffering silently through the ceremony.

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  1. Joseph E. Colford III says:

    Nice picture . . . the bald-headed gentleman at the far left of the Hague receiving line whose face is partially obscured is my grandfather, Joseph E. Colford, one of Hague’s commissioners for many years. He also was Hudson County sheriff from 1932-35. Lots of Hague stories in my family.

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