List of Local History Web Sites

By John Hallanan
The oldest such organization in the country dating back to the night of Lincoln’s death. Assisted in having the route of the Lincoln Highway marked in the County for the Highway’s 100th anniversary. Sponsors a presentation for the Lincoln High School Jr. ROTC of reenactors portraying the 26th US Colored Troops. On February 12 every year there is a ceremony at the monument on the Blvd. at the Park then a dinner at the Casino. Details are in the website.
Founded by John Gomez, a teacher in Jersey City, they are interested in landmarking and preserving Jersey City’s architectural past. Members conduct walking tours in different sections of the City. Sponsor Preservation Month in May to give awards for preservation efforts in the City.
Family history oriented, they assist people looking for past records of their family. They also construct databases for general research. History articles in their blog.
The George Washington Commemorative Society for the last 30 years has been involved with the preservation of the Apple Tree House near Bergen Square. It participates in ceremonies commemorating the Revolutionary War battle of Paulus Hook in Jersey City. On President’s Day they will be at the Apple Tree House at 11:00 AM. August 19 is the anniversary of the battle of Paulus Hook. The Paulus Hook Association usually sponsors a small parade and a presentation at the monument at Grand and Washington.
The Morris Canal Greenway project in Jersey City which is waiting for funding .The canal reached here in 1836 and closed in 1924, you can walk the filled-in canal bed behind Country Village. The available funding allocated for this study of the Canal was used in planning the project. The proposal for the actual construction of the pathways and greenways did not receive the expected funding in 2014. We hope to have a tour in the Spring. Berry Lane Park along Garfield Ave. is built on part of it. More portions can be seen behind Tsigonia Paints on Communipauw Ave. website of the Morris Canal in Jersey City, work in progress. Bus tour of the Canal in Jersey City to be scheduled.
The Lincoln Highway, 100 years old in 2013, ran along Kennedy Blvd from Union City through Jersey City making a turn to the West through Lincoln Park and out to San Francisco. You can see pictures of some of the cars on the Centennial Tour on the website for the Lincoln Association of Jersey City that is mentioned above.
website of the NJ Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association. Bus tour of the Highway in Hudson County to be rescheduled.
Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and the contribution of NJ residents. Several books have been published and are available online. The official commemoration is now complete so I don’t know if there will be updates or how long the publications will be available.
Local museum.
Website for the Weehawken Historical Society.
Indexed list of Jersey City historic places and people
The official website to commemorate the 350th year of New Jersey.
In addition, if you GOOGLE “jersey city african american museum”, you will go to a Jersey City site that will then get you to an interesting site operated by local computer expert, history buff, and book exchanger, Anthony Olszewski. The museum is the only museum in Jersey City, the other City sponsored museum is closed due to funding problems.
Website for Bayonne History
Save the railroad embankment on 6th Street in Jersey City

NJ Military Museum in Sea Girt, took a beating from Sandy Hook
The 69th Infantry, last surviving unit of the Irish Brigade of the Civil War, now a unit in the NY National Guard, much military history of the unit
Veterans Corps of the 69th, speakers on for a treat.

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