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Back in ’98, Jersey City City Hall didn’t have Internet email.

I worked in Jersey City City Hall from 1998 to 2001. I was going through some papers yesterday and came across this business card. Do note the Hotmail address. When I established the COJC municipal Web Site, the City had … Continue reading

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Mayor Hague Denies Charge of Faking in City Crime Records

Chicago Tribune June 17, 1938

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Memoirs of Hudson County

Originally appeared in Tiger In The Court By Paul Hoffman After eliminating a corrupt regime in New Jersey’s major metropolis, Lacey and Stern turned to the state’s second city – Jersey City. Frank Hague was elected mayor of Jersey City … Continue reading

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Jersey City Political Campaign Buttons (1929 to 1961)

Pictures are by Joseph M. Murray. The Campaign Ribbons at the top left are the anti-Hague Fusion Tickets, 1929 and 1933 respectively. Hudson County campaign buttons from the Kenny era Jersey City political campaign buttons from the late ’60s and … Continue reading

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Coroner misses a minor detail . . .

Back in Jersey City PG (PreGentrification) there was a doctor who was an immoderate imbiber. The way this was handled then was that a group of local physicians met with their tipsy colleague and explained to him that he was … Continue reading

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URBAN RIOTS AND ME — A PERSONAL HISTORY By Warren Murphy It was an even fifty years ago when the modern-day urban riot began in Watts, California, and started to work its way eastward, accompanied by a lot of bleeding … Continue reading

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By Joe Murray James F. Murray, Jr. (1919 – 1965) was Democratic New Jersey State Senator for Hudson County from 1954 -1958. He also served as a leading member of Jersey City’s municipal government, first as President of the City’s … Continue reading


1981 — Weehawken waterfront an albatross!

Click HERE for the complete article.

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The Riepe Letter — a Hudson County literary project

United States v. Bertoli, 854 F. Supp. 975 (D.N.J. 1994) U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey – 854 F. Supp. 975 (D.N.J. 1994) March 30, 1994 “… c. The Riepe Letter On 7 March 1994, Bertoli … Continue reading

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Dave Friedland and Tony Pro’s Retainer

Teamsters Local 560 Boss Anthony Provenzano (Tony Pro) is believed to have been responsible for the disappearance and presumed murder of Jimmy Hoffa. In the 60s (I simply can not remember when.), I received a call from Tony Pro. He … Continue reading

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