Victor Mravlag, pastor in an Online Deliverance ministry, is from North Hudson

Victor Mravlag is from North Hudson, NJ. I’d not thought of him in nearly forty years, but for some unknown reason his name came to mind last week. I typed it into Google — that wonder of the invisible world and learned that Victor now is a pastor with an Online Deliverance ministry.

Below is a Link to a Podcast from 2011:–exorcism-of-demons
He often appears on live episodes at the same Site.

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The Greene Street Boat Club in Jersey City

The Green Street Boat Club in Jersey City circa 1973 -- Photo by Jack Sember

The Greene Street Boat Club in Jersey City circa 1973 — Photo by Jack Sember

For generations, the Greene Street Boat Club was the hub for Downtown Jersey City fishing enthusiasts. Though the club did not have title to the property, members maintained squatter rights to their docks.

Supposedly to make way for development, Mayor Gerald McCann (during his first term) evicted the Greene Street Boat Club.

Now part of Peninsula Park, this section of Waterfront remains unused.

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Major developer Web Sites hacked?

Lefrak Web Site hacked?
It strikes me as sorta strange that there are billionaire big shots playing Monopoly with the real thing who don’t bother to do a Google search on themselves — or pay someone to do it for them. And another sour note, I wanted to tag LeFrak in a Facebook post — either the business or one of the family — to give them a heads up. Strange to relate, the LeFraks seem to be Social Media-phobic with the only presence on Facebook for LeFrak City — with not but 194 Likes one might add.

Panepinto Properties Web Site hacked?
While on the topic of hacked real estate Sites — though I posted it in the Jersey City Politics Facebook Group like WAY BACK WHEN — Google STILL thinks that the Panepinto Properties Web Site has been hacked. The Panepintos — both business and principals — ain’t showin’ up when I try to tag them. Are theys all Social Media off the grid, too? Now the Panepintos used to be big on Google searches. (They’d email me when people were talkin’ nasty about one of ’em on my Hudson Count Politics Message Boards.) I wonder if the Panepintos don’t bother doing Web searches anymore or what? Robert Torricelli ain’t in either as far as Facebook goes. Too bad. Maybe he’d know who’s supposed to be watchin’ the shop for the Panepinto Properties Web Site goes.

One BIG developer plus one big developer equals two hacked Sites. Does this — like — indicate a trend? Is it only 3rd rate work letting some silly spammers in? Or, could this be industrial espionage?

And in the CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER department, for both of the heavy hitters, not a single lawyer, not a single contractor, not a single copy writer, not a single photographer, not a single architect, not a single engineer. . . not one of the army for hire of professionals firing away with invoices night and day ever did a Google search and noticed THIS SITE MAY BE HACKED. Or, they saw it but didn’t bother to say it? Or, they dutifully brought it to the attention of their organization contact — who didn’t do anything? Or, there really is no problem, but Google is bad mouthing both LeFrak and Panepinto?

panepinto properties whois
And dig this for the Domain registration — an invalid email address.

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Mayor Frank Hague’s New Year’s Day

Mayor Frank Hague's New Year's Day early morning reception -- January 1, 1947, the last year of Hague's rule

This photo dates from January 1, 1947 – the last year of Hague’s rule.

Mayor Frank Hague (right), a teetotaler, held an early morning reception on New Year’s Day.

His followers had the choice of imbibing moderately the night before or suffering silently through the ceremony.

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Pat O’Melia interviews Anthony Olszewski about Hudson County Facts

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… asked to vote for Steve Fulop using different names at several different polling places when he ran for councilman …

... asked to vote for Steve Fulop using different names at several different polling places when he ran for councilman ...

Fulop 2008 North Precinct Report PDF


owns a store 1n the diamond district possibly named the Exchange which was located on 47th
St. possiblYca betw,een ~th an~ 6th 5t. i~ New York City. Mr. Cortez stated that Abe lives in
~rooklYn an he ~escrlbes h1m as a Jewlsh male who wears a Yamlka and is approx. 5 ft 9
1nches tall land 15 between 50 and 55 yearsi of age. Mr. cortez stated that he met Abe when
he was arou~d 1 year~ of age and.he start~d out as a personal driver for Abe until Abe
taught h,’m lrnow FO encode the cred,t cards. Mr. Cortez stated that he would get blank
credit card frpm either Abe or another pe’rson who he knows as Iris who picks up the blank
cards from bes personal driver who he knows as vinny. Mr. Cortez went on to describe a female who he knows as Iris by stating
that she is the second person who is used ~n making the fraudulent cards. Mr. cortez stated
that Iris h s e~~ipment to put the printing on the front of the credit cards. He believes
t~is machine is called an Eltron machine and he knows ~ris to also make phony Drivers
L,censes fo~ se~eral different states USi~ this machine. Iris is described as an hispanic:
f~male ap’pr,x. 50 years old with brown hair and she lives in an older White house on the
r1ght si~e of S~evens Ave. off of Ocean av. in Jersey c:ity with her children. Iris is
known to drIve an older mOdel black maxim . Mr. Cortez stated that ~ third person was used to make the front side of
the credit ard~ and he would later rememler the name of this person when being interviewed
by the detetti,~es from the prosecutors of ice. Mr. Cortez went on to further describe how
after the credit cards were finished he w uld deliver them to people he called workers who
he would me~t ~n the street and sometimes at the Dunkin donuts on Griffith St. and central
Ave. Mr. Corte~ stated that these workers would’use the cards to bu¥ numerous types of
items rangit 1rom gift cards at SUpermar ets to expensive electron,cs and Relex watches.
The items w’re then taken to Abe and he wduld give the workers 18% of the retail value of
the items. ‘
Mr. Cortez further stat~d that one of the skimmer’s recovered at his
apartment h 0 be delivered on 4/13/08 to a person who he knows as carlos who works at a
shell gas s~’ation on the Eastbound side of Route 3 in Secaucus. Nj. Mr. cortez stated that
he has neve m t carlos but he was going to contact him with a number whic:h was in his cell
phone. Mr. or ez stated that he would usually leave the skimmer for two weeks at a
location befor retrieVing it and obtaining the stolen numbers. Mr. cortez informed us that
they only u~ed Visa and Mastercard numbers with the skimmer because they could not be
traced as e~sy as American Express cards. Mr. Cortez further stated that he would not use
the skimmer ag in at the same location for at least two weeks.
, Mr. COrtez informed the uls that when business was busy he sometimes made
300 to 400 hun red credit cards daily. He stated that he was now making up to 100 cards two
or three times a week. Mr. cortez stated that he would be paid 5 dollars a card by Abe
Berger. After Mr Cortez explained his role in the making of the fraudulent credit
cards he infor ad the u/s and Detective Armstrong that he had told the arresting officers
that he wa~ in olved in some kind of voting fraud in Jersey city and he would also like to
speak about th t during the interview. Mr. cortez started by stating that he and at least
six males were asked to vote for Steve Fulop using different names at several different
polling places when he ran for councilman 2 or three years ago. Mr. Cortez stated that he
was askea ijy h·s long tim$ friend Luis Torres. Mr. cortez stated that on the day of the
election hilmse f and the following peop1e were picked up in a white van and given a list of
names to use tp vote for Steve Fulop as they were driven to various polling places in the
downtown a~ea. Mr. cortez stated that he personally voted using eight different names. The
names of t~e m~les he was able to remember who also voted under different names were Luis
TorreS I charlie Torres, Joseph Romeo, Eddie Torres and Victor Reyes. Mr. cortez better
clarif,ed the ~~es of these individuals ‘during the tap’ed audio statement with the
detectiveslof ~he Prosector’s office. Mr, Cortez state~ that these individuals were given a
1 000 dollar check that was given to Luis Torres who cashed the checks in his wife’s bank
a~count an~ the individuals ~ere given ~he cash by Luis Torres. Mr. Cortez stated th~t
these checks_~ere given to LU,S b¥ Charl,e and Tom who both worked for the Fulop’ campa’gn.
Mr. cortezialSo stated that charl,e would go to the polling places to help out in case any
of the ind vicuals would be challenged from voting.
, Mr. Cortez additionally added that if he could talk with someone from the
n~rcotics qUid he had information involving some drug locations in the Newark and Jersey
c, ty areas f , •
North.Detective cOTmander Lt. sprague did respond to the North D,strlc~
and did contact the ch,ef of Detect,ves at the Hudson county prosecutor~ off,ce. Detect,ve
Vincent Bopaccolta did respond to the north district. U/s Detective,along wit~ PO J~nes did
have N303 tr~sport Mr. Cortez to the Hudson County prosecutors off,ce ,nterv1ewe9 by
Oet. Bona~l a and Detective Michael Signorile from the prosecutors speclal Investlgatl0ns
74A. Type Ihe Renk, ~ml! an Badge # of R~port.lng otfleer(e) 175A. ,70A. Foegill !’fA. D~le 01 F!.epoft I’M. TRI,I DAU 1,0.
FURCH, 5 H .IN~EST GATOR [00722] ” IPago 2 on 0411212008.18:22IFURCH, S H

JERSEY IcrTY POLICE OEPiI2. Mwl’ Q~ilII 1’5A. Crime Ill’Icldllnl I’D. “fD~i!lculr:lr’l!I Oalle NQ. 120. Oi!l~B”m!!lI’lL PIII!I Nc. Oi.Wel, NQRT~ 10906 IOe.oll022 unit. Detec~jve S;gnorile and Bonaccolta did take a formal audio statement from Mr. cortez
concerning ~he fraudulent credit card use and the voter fraud. Detective Bonaccolta stated
that he wasJthe liaison for the Prosecutors Office to the secret service and he wo~ld be
makin~ thos necessary notifications when needed. u/s Detective responded back to the North
Distrlct to Icomplete necessary reports. PO Jones and Detective Bonaccorte did later
transport M~. Bonnacorte back to the North District to be processed to BCI and the county.
0. Crlmlt Iln!’Jld”‘nl ~I. I
Credit Card Theft:t (1) 2C:2l””O
Intunt tQ Co,,”p.lto Card w/o COnlu;mt (1) 2C,2l”,,1 possel!’,il;/10I1 of Forgery Devlc:sp;; (1) 2C:2l·1c Forgary and Rahat d Of1″,mGIDI (1) 2C:21·1 Receiving Stolen Property (1) 2C:20.!

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Martha Stewart was born in Jersey City.

Martha Stewart of “It’s a good thing” fame was born in Jersey City. If she’d grown up here she would’ve known to keep her yap shut when the FBI came calling.

Megan Smolenyak reports that “Martha’s grandfather, Frank Kostyra, owned a tavern in Jersey City. On the 4th of July in 1929, two boys stuck a piece of dynamite in the foundation of the tavern causing an explosion that did considerable damage, but fortunately did not injure anyone.”

Martha Stewart's grandfather owned a bar in the Jersey City Heights.

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Jimmy Kelly’s Jersey City Baby 45 record

Jersey City Baby

Jersey City Cha Cha Twist

– – –

Bob Brainen

to me
From: Anthony Olszewski
Is any information available about Jimmy Kelly and the Jersey City reference?

I searched and searched but could find no info. whatsoever on either the artists or
even the label: Cevetone.
Both sides are credited to “Buchowski” and the artist is Jimmy Kelly.
I’m assuming Kelly was “Buchowski” and hence, Polish.
The “drumming” and the vocal and guitar are certainly not synched up.

The drumming on the flip is much more professional sounding.
Obviously it’s the same song as a mostly instrumental.

The “Twist” in the title dates it for me as 61-ish. Again, all guesses.

Here’s another Cevetone!

The logo is different than the one on the Kelly label.
There’s a real amateurish quality to both records that I love,
but so many records of the late 50s/early 60s had this quality.

I attached both sides. Enjoy!

In the early days of radio, station WAAT was located in Jersey City.
Frank Sinatra’s first stint as a radio singer was on this local station
in late 1936. I always wondered how much live music and local talent
was broadcast from WAAT.

Interesting. I’m not sure, but JC is a big town and a lot of talent came out of here:
Roy Hamilton, Gil Melle,
Here’s more:
includes Nancy Sinatra.

Best, Bob

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Jersey City Underground Railroad Walking Tour

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Tom Fodice, Assistant Corporation Counsel at the City of Jersey City

Tom Fodice, long-time attorney at the City of Jersey City, is an acknowledged expert on municipal law and a one-man institution. When Smith became Mayor in 1977, he sent packing Jordan’s entire Law Department — except for Tom Fodice.

When I worked in City Hall from 1998 to 2001, I often had the chance to speak with Tom Fodice. One day we were discussing Michael Ventris deciphering Linear B, Heinrich Schliemann discovering the site of Troy and similar topics. Suddenly a series of clerks and secretaries began to rush into Tom Fodice’s office shouting after the manner of Chicken Little proclaiming celestial plummet.


As some serious and urgent business appeared to require Tom Fodice’s immediate attention, I thought it best that I leave. Because of the crowd of Law Department employees that now filled the room, I couldn’t get out the door.

Tom Fodice ignored the little group and continued to talk about whatever scholarly topic had his attention. Finally — appearing nervous — the officer, holding a large manila envelope, approached the doorway. Without looking at the policeman, Tom Fodice simply said “City Clerk’s Office” and pointed down, indicating the first floor.

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